It’s My Favorite Part Episode 4 The Little Prince

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The Little Prince
By Antoine de Saint-Exupery…

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I’ll wither up and rot without you



Ok this has been fun, terrifying, eye opening, and gastro intestinally interesting so far. ¬†3 episodes in and I think I have a basic format. I know the sound quality needs to improve or else. . . . . and I have decided to make at least 17 more episodes and then reassess.¬†Friends have been great so far in providing material. Friends seem to love helping me out, actually. I am so inspired by the things people I barely know have been sharing with me. The ways people fearlessly open up to me and show me their vulnerabilities is just so beautiful and I get all choked up and cherish the shit out of it. I am still hoping you strangers out there dive in too. I’d love to make it past 20 episodes and make this a long lived hobby. I love it so far but I don’t think it could keep going on forever with out you. I am working on material for episode 4 which will be shot with a fancy camera and . …. a microphone instead of on my 10 year old laptop and iphone. Filming starts Sunday and will include my tiny dog, a cemetery, and a story about a hallucinating Prince who talks to roses about how they suck compared to his own roses. So. . stranger. … . I hope you. Yes, you. . . . will you share with me your favorite part of any book by taking a photo of it and emailing it to: ? If you do make sure to let me know the author, title, and why it’s your favorite part. Bonus points for telling me a secret or confession I can add at the end of an episode. I’ll keep your name private if you like. Ok that’s it. Thank you! xox